West Virginia Book Festival

It was a pleasure being in Charleston, West Virginia for the WV Book Festival this past weekend, Oct. 13 & 14.  I had the opportunity to finally meet and share space and time with three of White Feather Press’s finest authors.  R. G. Yoho — whose fine westerns and other books you can find reviewed hereWill Riley Hinton and Josh Clark.

White Feather Press Authors

R. G. Yoho, Will Hinton and Josh Clark at WV Book Festival.

I also had the pleasure of meeting a number of other writers and notables in the West Virginia writing and publishing world. My good friend Lynn Salsi was also there being featured at the Headline Books booth. Be sure to check out and pre-order her new book, Jack and the Giants.

I took advantage of the chance to hear Craig Johnson — author of the Walt Longmire mysteries — speak. I watched the first season of the Longmire television show and am a fan. After listening to the great humor of Johnson, I can’t wait to pick up his books and dig into them for myself. A really nice thing I saw there was a number of middle school students taking advantage of the opportunity for extra credit by meeting writers at the festival. I had honor of being sought out by several of these young people.

On the whole it was a really fine time in a charming little city — Charleston; just big enough, but not too big — nestled in the lovely West Virginia mountains. I look forward to future opportunities to introduce my work to such markets.

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