Death Comes to Redhawk

Death Comes to Redhawk
By R. G. Yoho
White Feather Press, Hamilton, MI

Reviewed by Keith Jones

“Death Comes to Redhawk” is the first book in the Kellen Malone adventure series. In this book, like the second, Yoho crafts a thrilling Western like those many of us grew up with. The colorful characters and the vivid settings add to a fast paced and well crafted story.

Kellen Malone has just been released from the Yuma prison out in Arizona where he had spent seven years for a stage coach robbery he didn’t commit. He journeys to a home and a son that have been taken over by his worst enemy. Malone’s wife had died while he was in prison and renegade Apaches want to make certain that he doesn’t make it home alive. In the desert he meets Joe Clements, a famed gunman who bears the nickname, Skull. Malone and his new friend traverse a web of intrigue to unravel the mysteries of who set him up and why.

“Death Comes to Redhawk” gallops through the Arizona territory and is a joy to read.

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