Long Ride to Yesterday by R.G. Yoho

Long Ride to Yesterday
By R. G. Yoho
White Feather Press, Hamilton, MI

Reviewed by Keith Jones

“Long Ride to Yesterday” is essentially the “secret origins” of Gain Carson, a character included in Yoho’s other Westerns as an ancillary character. It had previously been released by another publisher, but now is being re-released so it will be available to a wider audience gained from his more recent Westerns: “Death Comes to Redhawk” and “Death Rides the Rail.”

In “Long Ride…” we find Gain Carson returning to a place he had since left behind and confronting a reputation he had tried to escape. Gain is a man whose advancing age, small frame and unassuming manner hide a deadly past and a man who remains deadly when challenged. Now the only woman he has ever loved needs his help so Gain Carson returns to Abilene, Kansas to an uncertain fate and more surprises than he can anticipate.

“Long Ride to Yesterday” is fast paced and adds extra flesh to Yoho’s Kellen Malone series of books. If you enjoy Westerns of the old days, “Long Ride…” will be a great addition to your reading list.

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