America’s History is His Story by R. G. Yoho

America’s History is His Story
By R.G. Yoho
White Feather Press

Reviewed by Keith Jones

The stories contained in this book are the result of a request the author had from a minister who had been a friend since college. This friend wanted to establish a daily radio show of two minute spots on the close connection to the history of our country with Christianity. Knowing Yoho’s skills as a writer and researcher, he asked him to come up with one for each day for two years. Yoho initially refused, but compromised by offering to write enough for one year. Mr. Yoho expected this to be the extent of the project, but upon telling White Feather Press of this he was encouraged to assemble them into a book.

In wonderful bite sized portions, Yoho works his way through the words and actions of some of the shining lights in American history. The complicated subject of the separation of church and state has been twisted and tortured into a shell of its original intent. This book illustrates how deep the ties are in this country with our Christian heritage. While there is clearly a moratorium placed on having a state sponsored religion in the U.S. Constitution, Yoho shows us that our founders along with those who came in their wake to help shape our country were illustratively not hostile to religion or Christianity like some of today’s scholars might have us believe. In fact, their ties and devotion to their Christian faith is unmistakeable.

“America’s History is His Story” will give you a year’s worth of learning on the Christian history of America. It serves as a wonderful daily devotional as well as good history, like a daily vitamin of American Christian heritage.

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