Review of The Evil Day by R. G. Yoho

The Evil Day
By R. G. Yoho
White Feather Press

Reviewed by Keith Jones

“The Evil Day” is the most recent of R. G. Yoho’s Kellen Malone books set on the American west. In recent comments Yoho has stated that this was his most difficult book to write. That did not prevent it from being one of his most well written. It is always difficult for a writer to have to work in the mind of a evil person and make bad things happen to good people. These are exactly the things taking place in this book. In many ways “The Evil Day” can be thought of as a Western version of “Criminal Minds.”

In addition to Malone, some of Yoho’s best characters are back for another round in this adventure. This book crashes right into the action from the very beginning when Joe “Skull” Clements is attacked by the unknown killer. The action and intrigue escalates quickly from there. Kellen Malone and his friend, U. S. Marshal Hartline Brimley have to deal with a sheriff they believe they can’t trust, Reno Garrison, while trying to solve a mystery. The question that is always on the reader’s mind is, will they be in time.

In “The Evil Day” R. G. Yoho does another fine job. This series has reached the point where a new reader can go to the beginning with “Long Ride to Yesterday” and not have to wait for the next one to be written for a while.

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