April 22, 1864, Andrew Boyd – Our country calls us and we must obey

On April 22, 1864, Andrew Boyd wrote a letter home to his father, Robert Boyd. Daniel had still not returned to the the Seventh S.C. which was camped at Gordonsville, Virginia. Andrew’s letter mentions being in camp with McGowan’s Brigade and seeing a great many of his friends there. He talks of having gone from Tennessee to Charlotte then on to Charlottesville, Virginia where they were met by the ladies of the town and the young girls from the college who came out to cheer them. Andrew notes that they are rough and weather-beaten looking fellows, “dirty and ragged,” but the women didn’t seem to mind. He notes that they will probably stay there in camp for another week or more “if Genl. Grant doesn’t rouse us up.” He also says that a few more weeks “will tell the news whether we shall be free or fight another year.”

Boys of Diamond Hill

Boys of Diamond Hill

The Military Writers Society of America Gold Medal for History 2012.

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