Neal Boortz – Maybe I Should Just Shut Up and Go Away

Maybe I Should Just Shut Up and Go Away
By Neal Boortz
Carpenters Son Publishing

Reviewed by J. Keith Jones

While reading this, I couldn’t help thinking about “If I Ever Get Back to Georgia, I’m Gonna Nail My Feet to the Ground” by Lewis Grizzard. You see both Boortz and Grizzard are Georgia legends. Grizzard as a humor columnist and Boortz as a radio talker. Both books detail the author’s respective career. Grizzard’s version reads more like a novel, Boortz’s by contrast is more like most of Grizzard’s other books. Rather than being running narrative of his life, it is a collection of vignettes of his life in both radio and as a lawyer.

This fascinating book provides character sketches of many people involved in Boortz’s career and others he encountered along the way. The unusual details of his journey from radio guy to lawyer who dabbled in radio, to radio guy who dabbled in the law to the climatic ultimatum that led him to walk away from the law is worth the price of the book alone.

For those who have followed the career of Neal Boortz, this is a must read. Boortz employs his usual wit and humor in providing this great look behind the scenes and telling – as Paul Harvey would say – the rest of the story.

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