Enemies Foreign and Domestic Free eBook 4 Days

For the next couple of days, you have a great opportunity to pick up a free digital copy of Matthew Bracken’s first book, “Enemies Foreign and Domestic.” Bracken in an effort to expand his reader base and send a message to the mainstream publishing and entertainment establishment that this genre is not only viable, but popular is offering this first book in his “Enemies” trilogy free for a few days. To read more about this, follow the tag #EFAD on Twitter. Or read about it on his website. Be sure to read my review here. Trust me, if you enjoyed “In Due Time,” you will also like “Enemies Foreign and Domestic.”

Of special note, even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can (and should) still take advantage of this opportunity by downloading it to your computer. Kindle simulators may be downloaded for free as well. So, even if you will wait a bit before reading this one, get it free NOW. Let’s send a message and send this one to the top of the charts.

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