New Amazon Review of “In Due Time”

A new Amazon review of “In Due Time” has been posted. This one is such high praise comparing me with Orson Scott Card that I had to share it with you. Thanks to the reviewer J. Kimbrough (Bavaria, Germany) for this, I am humbled:

“A well written Orwellian near future which I almost believed to be true (Just joking) with a time travel twist to the plot. This New World Order and neo-revolution genre has picked up in popularity the last few years with writers such as Orson Scott Card and others. However, J. Keith Jones is on par with these other famous writers with his first story.

He treats this story line with a fresh approach. A “Guiding hand” through time travel to influence the future by creating the “correct” alternative history and shape the future back to a new American Republic. Read the book, I do not want to spoil the plot.

When an author makes me fantasize and reflect further about the subject, he has done his job and this book is great. Well worth the price and time to read it. It was a page turner and I recommend it to readers who enjoy the alternative future & time travel story lines. “

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