Read my latest short story FREE at Bethlehem Writers Roundtable

Just released in the latest edition of the Bethlehem Writers Roundtable — the literary journal of the Bethlehem Writers Group — is my short story: Dressed–And Stuffed–To Kill: A Matt Cutter Mystery

This features tongue in cheek private investigator, Matt Cutter. Cutter is in the style of the old time Private Eye Mystery harkening back to Mickey Spillane and Dashiell Hammett. I dreamed up the name Matt Cutter and was dying to find a use for it. One day I was inspired by a silly story I imagined about a corrupt meteorology conspiracy and fashioned it into a Private Eye Noir satire. I quickly discovered something about the Private Eye Mystery and Noir markets… they have absolutely no sense of humor. So, not surprisingly, the first Cutter Mystery has yet to find a home. Perhaps the BWRT will be interested in that one as well. In the meantime, I trotted Matt back out for this tale of turkeys and treachery as a special for Thanksgiving and I am pleased that you may read it online for free.

I hope you enjoy this and maybe we will see more of Matt Cutter soon.

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