Review of Kindness Goes Unpunished by Craig Johnson

Kindness Goes Unpunished
By Craig Johnson
Penguin Books

Reviewed by Keith Jones

Craig Johnson decides to mix it up in this installment of the adventures of Sheriff Walt Longmire. Rather than his usual home territory of Wyoming, Longmire instead pursues a mystery in Philadelphia where his daughter lives. This is also the old home of his chief deputy, the indomitable Vic Moretti. In the process Walt becomes well acquinted with the entire Moretti family as they all become deeply involved in the mystery surrounding an attack on Walt’s daughter Cady.

Concern and the deepening mystery soon lures Vic back to help her boss. Being out of Wyoming and away from the Sheriff’s department allows Walt and Vic to connect on a different level notching up the sexual tension between them. Of course Henry Standing Bear and Dog are both along for the show and what a show it is.

As with the other books thus far in the series, “Kindness Goes Unpunished” does not represent any direct story lines in the television series, but there are some elements which the TV show borrowed. Also present is the great humor always to be found in the Longmire books. Craig Johnson does an excellent job of tying together both the darkness of the character and the wry humor that plays in Walt’s inner monologue. So far each book is better than the last. Do yourself a favor and read these books.

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