The Last Man by Vince Flynn

The Last Man
By Vince Flynn

Reviewed by Keith Jones

Finishing reading “The Last Man” is a bittersweet experience. It is always satisfying to complete a good book and getting closure on the story you have spent some time with. In this case, however; it was kind of sad because this is Vince Flynn’s last completed novel before his death. So ends the journey of Mitch Rapp. One can only imagine what the road ahead – as envisioned by Flynn – held for Rapp.

I have read all of Flynn’s novels. Too bad there will be no more. Vince Flynn was one of the masters of the modern spy thriller and this one may well have been his best of all time. As with his other books, this one introduces us to new characters and expands on characters from past books. Mitch Rapp is forced to collaborate with Louie Gould, the man who killed Rapp’s wife in a previous book. Rapp had been the target for assassination, but miscalculations had resulted in the death of Anna Rapp instead.

Rapp had hunted Gould down to kill, but reconsidered upon discovering that Gould’s wife was pregnant as Rapp’s wife had been at the time of her death. Gould promised he was leaving the assassin’s life behind and would spend his life paying penance by being a good father. Against his better judgment Rapp allowed Glould to live and upon discovering that Gould was still carrying out hit jobs, was now regretting that decision.

“The Last Man” turns up the intensity from previous books and is one that Vince Flynn’s family and friends should be proud to have him go out on.

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