May 23, 1863; Fenton Hall – A Little Fuss In Our Mess

Grove Plantation near Adams Run

On May 23, 1863 Fenton Hall wrote his wife Mary Jane from their camp in Adams Run, South Carolina. His duty of protecting the coastal areas and rivers around Charleston continues. Fenton is concerned about Mary Jane and their children sacrificing too much in the process of sending him provisions. This letter, like many between Fenton and Mary Jane, illustrates the financial hardships posed on the families by the war. There are many discussions of money borrowed and owed between family and friends and whether said debts have been collected. One item of interest is the first mention of a fight between two of his mess mates, Michael Alewine (1st cousin of James H. Alewine, Daniel’s friend) and Peter Burton. Fenton tries to downplay it, but the subject will come up again as word has gotten back to Abbeville and people are writing and asking about it. Fenton plays it off as being “a little fuss.”

Boys of Diamond Hill

Boys of Diamond Hill

The Military Writers Society of America Gold Medal for History 2012.

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