Your Suggestions Needed – Georgia and Gettysburg

For the upcoming release of my next book, “Georgia Remembers Gettysburg,” the publisher — Ten Roads Publishing — has asked for suggestions of appropriate images for the cover. If you have know of fitting images, either pictures of paintings, please let me know. You can either post here or write me through the contact form.

If you know of a lesser known artist with work relating to the role of Georgia troops in the Gettysburg Campaign, that would work very well.

“Georgia Remembers Gettysburg” is scheduled to be released in June and consists of over 80 first hand accounts from the soldiers that fought there in Georgia brigades. Along with a 20 page introduction summarizing Georgia’s role at Gettysburg, “Georgia Remembers Gettysburg” brings you up close and personal with the men from the peach state as they fought there.

While you wait for this one, check out its companion volume “North Carolina Remembers Gettysburg” by Michael C. Hardy.

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