Fenton Hall – March 19, 1863

March 19, 1863 found Fenton Hall back at Adams Run outside of Charleston where he wrote to Mary Jane. He mentions the arrival in Charleston of his younger brother, Davis Hall, and his nephew, William Newton Hall, Jr. W. N. Hall would serve in the Sixth S.C. Cavalry, Company G along with Fenton,9 but records indicate that Davis Hall served in the Twenty-Fourth S.C. Infantry.10 Judging from this letter, the issue of which unit Davis would serve in had not been settled at this point as he speaks of trying to get him into their mess.

As he often does, he thanks her for sending provisions to him, but expresses concern that she and the children are doing without by sending these things to him. He mentions her asking about what must be lice in the camp, referring to them as “Jerusalem Travelers.” Fenton says that he has heard about it from others, but had not seen any himself.

He mentions several individuals, asks after Daniel Boyd and expresses a strong desire to see his Brother-In-Law. Daughter Essa has sent more pies and biscuits to her father and Fenton said that they “eat mity good.”

Boys of Diamond Hill

Boys of Diamond Hill

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