Blood & Tequila by Colin Webster

Blood and Tequila
By Colin Webster
White Feather Press

Reviewed by J. Keith Jones

Ever read a good old fashioned Vampire Western? Neither had I, in fact I’m not sure if there are others, but Colin Webster has written one and has done so with dash. If you are looking for a vampire soap opera with deeply conflicted undead beings fighting off the entreaties of confused teenagers to be turned into soulless bloodsuckers so they can capture eternal love… go read Twilight. If you want a rip roaring book that is just plain fun to read, get this one.

Clay Wilder is an outlaw who has just pulled off the score of his lawless career. So big in fact, that he may even walk away from his rogue lifestyle. Of course while hiding in Mexico, he runs head-long into a colony of vampires and – as with any good story – that changes everything. This is a book you won’t want to put down until you finish. Pick it up, you’ll never have this much fun with vampires.

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