Great day in Elberton

Saturday was a really great day at the Elbert County Public Library. Their excellent staff made things run smoothly and the turnout was good. I was able to sit and have a roundtable discussion with the fine folks there about my writing. It is not often that a writer has that opportunity. This was a fine day and to top it all off, I discovered that my visit was front page news in the Elberton Star. As you will see below, I made a scan of the article as proof.

Turnout was good, sales were great and having the chance to share with some readers, both current and future was gratifying. Writing is such a solitary exercise that it is easy to lose sight of your connection with readers minus these interactions. My Georgia Magazine article on the country stores of Elbert County made such a connection with the people locally and they have rewarded with plenty of positive feedback. A day like this has me eager to charge forward into my next project.

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