November 14, 1862 on Diamond Hill

On November 14, 1862, Daniel Boyd wrote a letter to his father Robert Boyd. He was writing from Culpepper, Virginia.

It appears to be incomplete as it ends abruptly and is unsigned. From the subjects discussed and the people mentioned, it was almost certainly written by Daniel Boyd. He notes several letters he has received from others including James Alewine charting his recovery. He tells of deaths in the company and mentions news of several others. He also talks of a recent hard four day march and general boredom with the war.

He had been paid and states his intention to send some of the money home. He worries of having too much money on hand because of theft within the camps. Daniel also says that he has Pressley’s watch and wants to send that to his father as well. He debates the dilemma of not trusting it to the mail, but worrying that he may not be able to get home to deliver it himself anytime soon. There is mention of a debt owed to him by Sam Bowen and hint of a possibly contentious relationship over it. Daniel says they agreed that they would “settle it our selves if we live to get hom.”

Boys of Diamond Hill

Boys of Diamond Hill

The Military Writers Society of America Gold Medal for History 2012.

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