MWSA – Positively Pittsburgh Interview

The afternoon at the Military Writers Society of America annual conference was really rewarding. I was able to register after lunch time and meet a few of the members I have gotten to know online. Then at 3:00 I sat for my first on camera interview with Joanne Quinn-Smith of the Positively Pittsburgh Live show.

The interview was about eight minutes long. They were running behind and I was the last one in her pipeline. She was up against the clock as she had a panel discussion she was to sit on, but Joanne was a real trooper and proceeded with my interview before departing for the panel. So my apologies for any who were missing her for the few minutes she was late taking her seat on the panel. It was a great experience.

She did ten of these interviews and will be airing them at a rate of one per month, so it could be a while before mine is available. She promised to notify me when mine will be available for online viewing.

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