Review: The Last Kincaid by Ted Miller Brogden

The Last Kincaid
By Ted Miller Brogden

Reviewed by J. Keith Jones

The Last Kincaid” is about as winding of a plot as you will find in a book.  Every page bears a new twist.  Each time you believe you have “The Last Kincaid” figured out, you soon discover that you are wrong.  Brogden’s thrilling plot keeps you guessing to the end.

My only complaint with this book is that the cover suggests a far more sedate story line than the page turner you are in store for.  At the beginning of this story, Wyatt Kincaid is in the catbird’s seat; flush with old money and sitting at the top of a Wilmington, North Carolina mega corporation he inherited from his father.  This book serves as an object lesson that what you see is so often only part of the story.  The characters you think you know at the beginning are not the same characters you will fully know by the end.

“The Last Kincaid” is a blend of southern business, old money and international espionage.  When you are in the mood to have your brain teased by a book where the plot turns as quickly as the pages will, you can’t do better than this one.

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