Warlord of Mars – John Carter

I just finished reading the third installment of the John Carter of Mars series, “Warlord of Mars.” It is likely the most action packed and fast moving of the first three books. Edgar Rice Burroughs provides some interesting veiled social commentary — as science fiction often does — along with a really great book. It is a pity that this one will never see its day on the silver screen after the dismal turnout for the “John Carter of Mars” movie recently.

It is a shame when an otherwise good movie goes off the rails due to poor marketing and an inflated budget. Of course all those jaded by other science fiction inspired by and following in Burroughs’ footsteps bashed it as being a “ripoff of Star Wars.” The further sad part is the fact that these people don’t even realize how loudly they have shouted their woeful ignorance to the world. The John Carter series was one of the early great entries into the genre. If you have not read these books, you should add them to the category of classic books everyone should read. Then while you’re at it, go back and read Burroughs’ Tarzan books if you haven’t. You only think you know Tarzan if your only experience is from the movies an television.

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