150 Years Ago – Journey to Corinth, Mississippi

Boys of Diamond Hill

Boys of Diamond Hill

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On April 16, 1862, Thomas Boyd wrote his father, Robert Boyd, about the journey of the 19th South Carolina Volunteers from Charleston on their way to Corinth, Mississippi. During and immediately after the Battle of Shiloh, Gen. P. G. T. Beauregard put out urgent calls for reinforcements. The 19th S.C. was part of the force being sent to his aid. Their trip — after leaving Atlanta — through Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama to their eventual destination of Corinth, Mississippi was fraught with peril and adventure. Several times they were stopped and turned around only for their course to be reversed soon thereafter. The full details can be found in “The Boys of Diamond Hill.”

To learn more click on the “Diamond Hill” link at the top. To buy the book you may go to any major online retailer such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or you may buy it directly from McFarland Publishers. “The Boys of Diamond Hill” is also available for the Kindle.

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