Empire of the Gods by David Stag

Empire of the Gods
By David Stag

Reviewed by Keith Jones

Empire of the Gods is a thoroughly enjoyable book. David Stag crafts a gripping tale that keeps you guessing. It begins with teenage Linus being kidnapped along with most of his hometown by alien pirates to be sold into intergalactic slavery. In a story reminiscent of Joseph and his coat of many colors from the Bible, Linus doesn’t let his circumstances define him. Instead he rises above his problems and establishes himself in distant worlds.

Empire of the Gods breaks out from the usual formulas in forming a plausible and enjoyable book. You’ll find yourself never quite figuring out where Stag is going with his story. Nonetheless you will not want to put it down until you see what happens next. This book sweeps you about the Galaxy taking you to an ending sure to leave you satisfied.

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