Review of We Hold These Truths by Coryell

We Hold These Truths
By Skip Coryell
White Feather Press, Hamilton, MI

Reviewed by J. Keith Jones

In “We Hold These Truths” Skip Coryell examines some big what ifs. First, what if following 911 a second even bigger attack had happened. Second, what if one of these bands of terrorists found themselves in a small town, on main street USA. In short, this book brings terrorism home to the heartland. Coryell leavens what is otherwise a heavy subject with his unique humor.

In this book a terrorist finds himself dealing with small town America in the aptly named Friedham Ridge, Michigan. Unlike large cities, the people of Friedham Ridge are a more independent and self sufficient sort. Preparation is part of their upbringing and when a nuclear explosion renders them out of reach of the protection of federal and state officials it is up to them to block the escape of a very dangerous man.

“We Hold These Truths” takes you on trip that will entertain you while it makes you think. Told in his special way Coryell spins a tale that is as fun as it is frightening.

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