Seven Days in Utopia

Went to see Robert Duvall’s latest movie “Seven Days in Utopia” this weekend. I must say, to be 80 years old, Duvall is still rocking along. I really enjoyed this movie. It is a great golf movie; a fine family and Christian film; but more than anything, it is a just plain good movie. I enjoy seeing this kind of independent movie. No million dollar special effects or explosions in this, rather it just uses good old fashioned solid movie making backed up by an outstanding script.

Lucas Black takes the lead as golf pro, Luke Chisolm, who is teetering on the end of a short, but promising career. Chisolm finds himself in tiny Utopia, Texas learning from Johnny Crawford — Robert Duvall — a man who has been where Chisolm is now. To get his game back, Luke must learn about life and about himself.

The chemistry between Black and Duvall could not be better. Lucas Black has really turned into a fine actor; all grown up from his days as the little boy in Sling Blade and American Gothic, among others. I highly recommend this movie if you are looking for something other than another formulaic crash-bang action flick.

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