150 Years ago Diamond Hill – Sickness

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I apologize for having fallen a bit behind on this Sesquicentennial series. Since I last reported two letters have been written from the camp from the brothers in the 7th South Carolina.

On August 20, 1861, Pressley Boyd writes his father from Richmond, Virginia where he is still very sick. He reports some improvement and talks of hospital life in Richmond and of the others who are ill.

On August 26, 1861, Daniel Boyd writes his father from Culpeper, Virginia where he is also sick in the hospital. The letter is written on his behalf by his friend Lt. Linus C. Clinkscales. Being closer to the front, he has more knowledge of troop movements, but has fallen somewhat out of touch due to being sequestered in the hospital. A frequent theme, the prices of local goods are contained in this letter.

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