Jigsaw by Ted Brogden, Book Review

By Ted Miller Brogden
M E Publishing

Reviewed by Keith Jones

The strong characterization and interesting twists in Brogden’s debut novel leads the reader on a journey of discovery alongside the hero of this book. This is a story of “the one that got away” that hooks you from the beginning in a quite unusual way. Cape’s quest is spurred by a visit. Not your run of the mill visit. Rather Cape is visited by a vision of a long lost, but never forgotten love. What this vision actually is, he’s not sure, but Cape is determined to find out. In the process he learns more about himself and we get to ride along.

Just when you think you have this book figured out, Brogden throws you another curve that keeps you guessing. Cape Thomas heads a cast of deeply constructed characters that the reader can’t help but care about. For anybody living in or familiar with North Carolina, this book will give you much to smile about. The settings are colorfully drawn and provide an unlikely backdrop for a suspense novel, but Brogden makes it work in spades.

“Jigsaw” is a book that you will be glad you have read. Ted Miller Brogden proves to be a natural storyteller and “Jigsaw” is a delight to read. I look forward to many more from him in the future.

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