Blaze of Glory by Jeff Shaara

A Blaze of Glory
By Jeff Shaara
Ballantine Books

Reviewed by Keith Jones

In his usual excellent fashion, Jeff Shaara brings the Battle of Shiloh to life in “A Blaze of Glory.” This book presents the personal side of the battle from the perspective of soldiers both famous – Gen. Albet Sidney Johnston, Gen. William T. Sherman, Gen. Ulyses S. Grant, then Col. Nathan Bedford Forrest and Gen. P. G. T. Beauregard – and with those not well known; men like Confederate cavalryman Lt. James Seeley and Union Private Fritz Bauer.

Beginning just days before the battle, it takes you behind the scenes with Gen. A. S. Johnston and his aide and close personal friend Tennessee Governor Isham Harris. You are privy to the machinations of the planning of the battle and the political maneuverings between Beauregard and Johnston. Of course these were trivial compared to the political problems faced by Grant and the Federal army where Gen. Henry Halleck – the power in the western theater – was doing everything in his power to put his people in position and hang on to the glory. It progresses quickly and does Shaara does best, present the facts of the battle in an entertaining format.

I enjoyed “Blaze of Glory” as I have all of Jeff Shaara’s works. Highly recommended.

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