Dark Digital Sky by Carac Allison

Dark Digital Sky
By Carac Allison

Reviewed by Keith Jones

Dark Digital Sky,” Carac Allison’s freshman effort promises great things to come. This book’s hero is a bi-polar former FBI agent now making a good living as a private investigator. Chalk, our hero, specialized in tracking serial killers while at the FBI, but but fell from his lofty perch when his ex-wife used his weaknesses as a weapon to cost him his parental rights and his job. Now Chalk is a lone wolf and a hired gun.

While working to find a Hollywood mogul’s long lost children, Chalk stumbles into a plot involving a mysterious figure calling himself General Ripper after the “Dr. Strangelove” character. Like the proverbial thread sticking from a sweater, this story will keep you compulsively tugging until the end. The plot twists are unexpected and the hero is as relate-able as he is quirky.

“Dark Digital Sky” is billed as being volume 1 of the “Dark Pantheon” series. So there is the promise of many more editions in the exploits of Chalk and the characters Mr. Allison creates.

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