Another Man’s Moccasins by Craig Johnson

Another Man’s Moccasins
By Craig Johnson
Reviewed by J. Keith Jones

In “Another Man’s Moccasins,” Craig Johnson begins giving you some of the “secret origins” of Walt Longmire the lawman. Things that have been mentioned in previous books are now explored in great depth. Triggered by the murder of a young Vietnamese woman passing through his county, Walt is forced to revisit his time in the war. Adding to this, the prime suspect is another veteran of the war, a seven foot tall native Crow. Walt also discovers that he has a personal connection to the woman, but must track down just what that link is. This link is to a drug case Walt worked on a base in Vietnam.

Like the previous books, “Another Man’s Moccasins” provides a satisfying story with great characters and wonderful settings. Read it.

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