Great Event in Elberton Monday

I had the honor to speak Monday night at the Elbert County Public Library for the Elbert County Historical Society. It was a great night with a good sized of crowd of friends, both old and new. I also want to offer a special thanks to the Elberton Star for the front page coverage of the event.

I want to thank both the Historical Society and the Library for this chance to share the movements and actions of General John B. Gordon’s Brigade during the Gettysburg Campaign. This was also a great opportunity to expand on the subject and inform them of the actions of some of their Elbert County ancestors in the great battle.

It was fun getting to share with them how two of their citizens proved that the old axiom that one Confederate was the equal of seven Yankee soldiers was a little off. In their case, the correct ratio was actually one Confederate being the equal of 140 Yankees. Grab your copy of Georgia Remembers Gettysburg to find out how this happened.

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