June 4, 1862 from Diamond Hill

Boys of Diamond Hill

Boys of Diamond Hill

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June 4, 1862; there were two letters from the Boys of Diamond Hill. First, Captain T. Warren Allen, Daniel and Pressley’s commanding officer wrote to Robert Boyd, the patriarch of the Boyd family. He says that he expects to be in Abbeville soon on a recruiting trip. He notes that they “had a hard time in the peninsula.”

William Boyd also wrote Andrew and Sarah a letter the same day – June 4, 1862. He said that the First South Carolina Rifles were within two miles of Richmond and spoke of the Battle of Seven Pines which had taken place the Saturday and Sunday before. He noted that the Yankees were within a mile of them and that they could see the enemy moving around. Also interesting he talked about seeing the hot air balloons used by the Union army to spy on the Confederates.

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