Black Eagle Force: Eye of the Storm

Black Eagle Force: Eye of the Storm
By Buck Stienke & Ken Farmer
Tate Publishing

Reviewed by J. Keith Jones

It is often said of Vince Flynn’s CIA hero, “I hope there is a Mitch Rapp out there,” by those concerned about terrorism. Well the same could be said about the Black Eagle Force by those concerned about border control as it pertains to drug cartels. At the beginning of this action packed book, we find Iraq war veteran, Captain Mike Hermann out of the Marine Corps and back home on his family ranch along the Mexican border in Texas.

Stumbling onto a slaughter perpetrated by a Mexican drug gang, Mike intervenes. The tough Marine finds himself crossways with a powerful drug kingpin who lays siege to the Hermann ranch as Santa Anna had during the war for Texas Independence. Enter the Black Eagle Force, a military contract organization used to handle operations our military are prevented from exercising under the Posse Comitatus Act.

“Black Eagle Force: Eye of the Storm” kicks off a series of BEF books with a bang. The action starts soon after page one and barely lets up until the end. So crack the cover and hang on tight.

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