150 Years Ago – 19th SC Leaves Charleston

Boys of Diamond Hill

Boys of Diamond Hill

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150 years ago, April 10, 1862, Thomas Boyd departed with the 19th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry from Charleston, SC for their first assignment of the war after their training. Following the Battle of Shiloh, General P. G. T. Beauregard requested reinforcements from the Confederate government. The 19th S.C. was one of the units placed on trains to be sent to the fields of war. Most South Carolina regiments were placed in the Army of Northern Virginia, but at the point the 19th became ready for action, they were needed in the western theater, so Thomas would find himself in the Army of Tennessee hundreds of miles separated from his brothers — Daniel and Pressley — in the 7th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry. Thomas would detail his travels several days later in a letter written to his father on April 16, 1862. More about this on the 16th. Stay tuned…

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