North Carolina in the Civil War by Hardy

North Carolina in the Civil War
By Michael C. Hardy
The History Press

Reviewed by Keith Jones

North Carolina in the Civil War provides a solid overview of the Old North State’s role in this epic conflict. Hardy divides the work into several major sections. First he gives a rundown of the portions of the war that were fought on North Carolina soil. Then he covers the roles that tar heel units played throughout the war. This is followed by the work of the veterans and various heritage organizations after the war and finally what a modern day enthusiast may find today.

This book is done in Hardy’s usual thorough, yet easy to understand style. It goes into a decent amount of depth without bogging down in a quagmire of encyclopedic minutia that so many similar works end up spiraling into. If you are looking for the big picture of North Carolina in the War for Southern Independence and how it all ties together, there is no better place to start than this book.

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