Great day in Abbeville

It was a great and entertaining day at the Olde South Thanksgiving Celebration on the square in Abbeville, SC. After an interesting start that involved a series of brisk 5 yard dashes to get my books to safety when the sprinklers came on unexpectedly, things quickly smoothed out.

I got to visit with many new friends and discuss “The Boys of Diamond Hill.” The Boyd brothers endured so much that local re-enactors and the Abbeville History Club have been inspired to begin planning a future memorial service commemorating the Sesquicentennial of their great sacrifice in the war. It will be my honor to participate in this effort when the time comes.

Sales were good, in fact this was one of my busiest days in sharing my books with the public and it is great to be here sharing this information with people who tread the very ground that the Boyd brothers and Fenton Hall walked upon on a daily basis in their short lives. Several local venues expressed interest in having me share this story with them in future events.

The day was capped off at an old Southern ball in the old restored Livery Stable hall off the square. We shared with many new friends and learned the Virginia Reel and the Carolina Promenade in the process. The band, Unreconstructed played period music while we danced. If you have the opportunity next year, come on out to the Abbeville Square for this great event. See you then.

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