Good day at Bookmarks in Winston Salem

Bookmarks Festival in Winston Salem - Barnhills tent

Keith at Barnhills tent at Bookmarks Festival

Great day hanging out as a guest of Barnhills Books of Winston Salem at their tent at the Bookmarks Book Festival in downtown Winston Salem, NC today (Sept. 10, 2011). Got to meet a bunch of interesting people and sold a few books. I look forward to more such events. Talking to people who like literature is always a treat. So many people these days don’t read and therefore rob themselves of valuable opportunities to expand their minds while entertaining themselves. Mark Twain once said, “The man who doesn’t read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.”

Food for thought when you hear someone proudly proclaim that he doesn’t read. Not being able to read is a shame. Choosing to not read is a sin.

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