Young Junius by Seth Harwood

Young Junius

By Seth Harwood
Tyrus Books
Reviewed by Keith Jones

Those who have read or listened to Seth Harwood’s other books, such as “Jack Wakes Up” are familiar with hardnosed gang leader Junius Ponds. The reading public wanted to know more about Junius and where he came from and Harwood has obliged. “Young Junius” takes you into a gritty world of drugs, gangs and violence on the rough side of Boston; the world of a very young Junius Posey, before he was Junius Ponds.

Junius – along with his childhood friend Elf – embarks on a mission to avenge the murder of his brother Temple. Junius soon realizes that this journey is one that will change him forever… if he survives. Junius and Elf determine that the answers lie with a woman named Marlene who is known as the “Oracle.” The Oracle controls the drug activities in one of three low income high rise apartment buildings collectively known as the Towers. Elf’s Sancho Panza to Junius’s Don Quixote blunder into a major power struggle between the Oracle and rival drug leaders from which they are unlikely to walk away.

Seth Harwood’s story brings a whole new world into stark focus. This gritty story will have you taking sides and keeping your head down, especially during one of the longest and best done gun battles in American literature.

“Young Junius” is a different kind of story and while not for the faint of heart, is one not to be missed.

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